The Table of Plenty is a community kitchen that serves weekly meals in York, Berwick, and Kittery, Maine.

Our volunteers provide healthy, filling, home-cooked meals at no charge to those who, for whatever reason, need help in obtaining food for themselves and their families.

Everyone is welcome! 

We want you to leave feeling fully satisfied and uplifted – knowing you have been among friends. There are no requirements to be a guest at our Table;  no paperwork to fill out, no questions asked. We welcome those who are lonely or lost, who feel forgotten, or would appreciate the fellowship of others.

YORK - First Parish Congregational Church - TUESDAYS 5:00 PM
BERWICK - United Methodist Church - WEDNESDAYS 5:00 PM
KITTERY - St. Raphael's Church - THURSDAYS 5:00 PM


Find out who we are

For the past twenty years, Table of Plenty has provided free meals, three times a week, for those in need in Southern Maine. Our teams of volunteers work hard to put food on the table every week, rain, snow, or shine. 

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It's not all about the food--it's also about the fellowship. Whether you're hungry for a hot, home-cooked meal, or welcoming smiles and friendly conversation, the Table of Plenty is for you.

Donate to the Table

Table of Plenty is fortunate to have very low operating costs; $0.95 of every $1 goes to putting food on the table. Click to learn more about how you can help the Table of Plenty put food on the table each week.


A Little History

It all began in Berwick, Maine, in January 1994. Our mission was to help community members eat regular, healthy, home-cooked meals. As we recognized the need in other communities, we opened a second kitchen in York in October 2001, and then another in Kittery in January 2009.

Our teams are made of community members who are willing to serve, and we always welcome more! Contact us for more information.

We now now have three locations where everyone is welcome, regardless of where he or she may live, or financial status.

Tuesdays 5:00 - 6:00 pm:
First Parish Congregational Church
180 York Street
York, ME 03909


Wednesdays 5:00 - 6:00 pm:
Berwick United Methodist Church
37 School St
Berwick, ME 03901


Thursdays 5:00 - 6:00 pm:
St Raphael's Church
6 Whipple Road
Kittery, ME 03904


We are supported by a wide variety of amazing sponsors and donors, and are part of the Amazon Smile program (use this link and 0.5% of all of your Amazon purchases will be donated to Table of Plenty).


Board of Directors

Chairman: Diana Marzinzik 

Treasurer: Steven Smith

Secretary: Deidre Prescott

Director: Cheryl Klausman

Director: Justin Roy

Director: Kari Prichard

Director: Leisa Smith

Director: Skip Smith

Director: Michelle Landry, M.P.H.

Director: Nicole McShane

Organize a team:

A team consists of 10-12 members.  The team leader is responsible for calling and reminding their team before the date they are to serve, to communicate with the Meal Coordinator, and to assign duties to their team members. 

The more teams we have at each meal site, the lighter the work load.  We work on a rotating schedule; for example, if there are 8 teams at a given meal site, each team serves every 8 weeks. 

To get a team started, contact us!

Substitute volunteer list:

We maintain a list of folks that are able to help out on an occasional basis, should a team be short, or extra help needed.  You can specify which meal site is most convenient for you. To be on our substitute list, call us or shoot us an email.

Enjoy baking?

Our desserts are donated by Lil's in Kittery and our friends and neighbors. If you’d like to make a dessert for 75-100 people, contact us!

Due to insurance regulations, our volunteers must be age 12 or over.  However, there are still plenty of things that can be done by the younger set!  Each meal site has 14 Tables set up – and we’re always trying to spruce up our decor!  Consider making decorations or centerpieces, or decorating place mats (we provide them for you).

Contact us to organize a food donation!

You can give.


The following is a list of items that we purchase for all three meal sites. Should you wish to make a donation of anything from this list, please contact us. We are more than happy to pick up items within a reasonable distance of our meal sites, or you may drop off at a meal site.

*Table of Plenty is a registered 501(c)3 non profit organization. All donations are tax deductible within the limits established by law. We would be glad to provide you with a Donation receipt for your records.

Non-Food Items

  • Gallon-sized Plastic Zip-lock Bags
  • 30 Gallon Trash Bags
  • 12 ounce Hot Cups (no Styrofoam please!)/12 ounce Cold Cups
  • Square Dinner size napkins, white or decorated
  • Regular and Decaf Coffee Packets for 10-12 Cup Coffeemaker
  • Table Decorations – seasonal, or ‘anytime’ themed
  • Frozen Concentrate Juice/Powdered Drink Mix

Food Items

  • Any canned tomato product (we make our spaghetti sauces ourselves; any tomato product is fine!
  • Pasta 
  • Salad dressings and Sauces
  • Fresh fruit
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Salt, pepper, and seasonings
  • Hamburger
  • Chicken Drumsticks
  • Baked Beans
  • Italian Salad Dressing

For other items, we appreciate Gift Cards to local grocery stores so we can purchase based on need, but please contact us to discuss additional items!





We currently have need of gluten-free and dairy-free foods for our guests with special dietary needs.

To donate now through Paypal, simply click below.


Thank You!

We wouldn't be able to do what we do without the help of our corporate sponsors, so we just want to say thank you for all that they do and the support that they provide.